“Charms strike the sight but merit wins the soul”

Evil deeds must be followed by evil out-comes and good by good. If superficial charms, striking the sight, dominate the merit, then consider that seed of evil has been sown.

This is a term that by no means suits us. But by all means it scorns us. If it is not so, then why a daughter of the highest authority of justice is unjustly merited, why the fake degree holder illiterates are your representatives, why ignorance is allowed to be a politician, why an uneducated patron as caretaker, why do you put your power of vote in the box that proves to be a Pandora’s box later on opened unto you?? Why? I ask you why? You have garroted the merit. You have garroted Bhutto, the vibrant force and a paradigm of merit. You have garroted his political philosophy. Why MNAs are purchased and sold in your assemblies? Why your purchasable independent candidates become dependent.

A layman from Srinagar goes for Indian Civil Services examination in 2009 perceiving himself to be no match to his erudite contestants, studied from Harvard, oxford, Cambridge and other renowned universities of Europe and India and is pronounced as 1st position holder. This earned him an honorary meeting with the prime minster. This is a story from our neighborhood and traditional rival in every sphere of our lives. It exemplifies that charms strike the sight and soul of their rivals but it is merit that wins their soul. Perhaps that’s why they are twice ahead us.

Let me recall to your mind the golden evidence from the world’s revolutionary religion, founded simply on faith and a power that shaped the fortune of three continents, Islam.

Hazrat Bilal Habshi must be before your very eyes, who came up to the set standards yclept merit. The merit he came up to was not measured on the bases of physiognomy, creed, color, caste, or race. Piety was merit; he came up to it. Had charms stricken the sight, the merit would have been trampled. Mr. President and my audience charms strike the sight but merit wins the soul.

O! The witnesses of the day, o! Cold wind of the burning deserts of Arab, o! Burning blazing sun, o! The chief hooriya of paradise, come, and be a testimony to what I say, and tell my audience “charms may strike the sight but it is merit that wins the soul”.

O! Cold coals smoldering under the delicate back skin of Bilal why are you silent? Unfold unto my audience the truth that charms may strike the sight but merit wins the soul.

Here Quran announces that ‘’don’t mix right with wrong’’. (wa laa tulbisu al haqa bil-batil). After you know it, how can you say that I m wrong to say that ‘’ charms strike sight but it is merit that wins the soul.

Those whose souls are won and conquered by the charms unmerited, their nation, their civilization, their existence, their identity, and their state or their country breed the bugs like creature that eat them to hollowness. You as the selectors decide. If your administrators have won your souls on the score of merit, then you’re on the way to prosperity. Otherwise if irresistible charms of nepotism overhaul you, your administration will be the wood replete with bugs inside and relentlessly being dissipated to the very extinction of yours. You must put your house in order to see what i say to you now. Mr President it must be clear as broad daylight that charms may strike the soul. Go through the short history of Saracens, Syyed Ameer Ali will prove you that how charms of nepotism on Ameer Muaawiya brought an irreparable damage to Islamic state. He too will prove you that if charms win the hearts rather than merit, destruction will be your ultimate end. Turn the coin the other way, you will find that charms strike the sight but merit wins the soul.

If charms are going to win your hearts, you will meet the same end as of Haroot and Maroot. You will too be hung and enjoy life in death. Systems, orders, discipline, institutions, unity, integrity, autonomy, solidarity, fraternity, liberty, equality, impartiality, justice and finally your state will be shattered if merit fails to win your soul.

The very echoing of the word ”merit” must bring to your minds a detestably ugly face of a lady in whose hands once were many of your decisions. She too herself was a product of the proof that merit wins the soul.  Condoleezza Royce’s name must occur to your mind. She must have been tested according to the set standards and she came up to those standards defeating all her contestants many of whom might have thrown abortively irresistible temptations. Kofi Annan and president Obama are the present forces acting on the world’s destinies, or at least ours the most. their appearance may not haunt you but their orders do affect you, their wishes do drive you, their decisions do move you, their dominations do despair you, their powers do stare you, their problems do perturb you, their missions do scare you, their aids do enervate you ,their problems do involve you, their grieves do sadden you. They are the products of merit. Had they not won their selectors’ souls on the bases of merit, there would not have been today’s influential and dominating America. The very presence of these two figures encourages me to assert that charms strike merely the sight but it is merit only that wins the soul.

Late Chinese kings had had concubines. The concubines would stand before the king and selection was made like this. You would be just thinking of the selection on the bases of feminine charms. No, no you are mistaken. The king had a set standard of his own. No matter how greater the charms were. The king would test the mathematical ability in them. The sharper ones at mathematics were selected and helped the king in handling state affairs. Most of them you will find unpalatable to your aesthetic sense. This evidence demands you to say as a chorus that charms strike only the sight but it is merit that wins the soul.

Zuleikha did not come up to the merit of Youssef (as). Her not coming up to the merit couldn’t win or yield Youssef’s soul. Charms of Youssef (AS) did strike her sight. To her merit might be the appearance. But appearance must not be the merit, and isn’t as well. Men must be judged on the strength of character. Had she known his character and made that merit, she would have won his soul. This too suffices to prove that charms strike the sight but merit wins the soul.

Martin Luther king’s words are echoing from the hills of Georgia and Mississippi into my ears that he looked forward to the day when god’s children were to be judged on the strength of their character rather than the colour of their skin. It was his anticipation of the time to come when on American land merit was to win souls rather than formerly long held tradition of charms that struck the sight. How can we, worthy president, negate his fulfilled prophecy and deny that charms strike the sight but merit wins the soul.

I would sum up my argument by posing an answerably unanswerable question. What do we measure in the scale of standard? We have two things: charms that strike the sight and merit that wins the soul.  Don’t say the latter. We followed the former and we are suffering. Look at the roof above your head. Rain is about to fall and your wooden roof will be leaking because the bug has done away with it. You mustn’t run outside because outside is, both, cold and rainy.  You are susceptible living souls. You must not be tempted by the charms of outside rain and hail. Outside you may find yourself in your birthday dress. Stay inside to avoid the cold whirling winds outside, stay inside and be the veterans of standing the wetting rains. Let these rains fall until the roof is needed to be rebuilt, re-enforced and relived with the wood that can resist bugs and ensure the security of the ones under its shelter.

Wait for this reconstruction of the roof with the faith that ”charms strike the sight but merit wins the soul”. When this faith will be affirmed the roof will be confirmed.


Dedicated to M.Nawaz bhae…………….

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What will be the conclusion of the play-offs?

2010 FIFA World Cup Semi-finals teams………………………….
Uruguay vs. Netherlands
Germany vs. Spain

These teams are reached in semi-final of FIFA World cup 2010.

The short history of world cup FIFA (football):

The last world cup which was held in Germany 2006 , Italy won and the France was runner up.

The 17th world cup held in Korea/Japan 2002 which was won by Brazil and Germany was runner up.

The 16th world cup held in France 1998 which was won by France and Brazil was runner up.

The 15th world cup held in USA 1994 which was won by Brazil and Italy was runner up.

The 14th world cup held in Italy 1990 which was won by Germany and Argentina was runner up.
The 13th world cup held in
Mexico 1986 which was won by Argentina and Germany was runner up.

The 12th world cup held in Spain 1982 which was won by Italy and Germany was runner up.

The 11th world cup held in Argentina 1978 which was won by Argentine and Netherlands was runner up.

The 10th world cup held in Germany 1974 which was won by Germany and Netherland was runner up.

The 9th world cup held in Mexico 1970 which was won by Brazil and Italy was runner up.

The 8th world cup held in England 1966 which was won by England and runner up was Germany.

The 7th world cup held in Chile 1962 which was won by Brazil and Czechoslovakia was runner up.

The 6th world cup held in Sweden 1958 which was won by Brazil and Sweden was runner up.

The 5th world cup held in Switzerland 1954 which was won by Germany and hungry was runner up.

The 4th world cup held in Brazil 1950 which was won by Uruguay and Brazil was runner up.

The 3rd world-cup held in France 1938 which was won by Italy and Hungary was runners up.

The 2nd world cup held in Italy 1934 which was won by Italy and Czechoslovakia was runners up.

The 1st world cup held in Uruguay 1930 which was won by Uruguay and runners-up was Argentine.

Kindly put forward your opinion for the world cup 2010, what two teams shall be in final, and which team will win the title of the tournament.

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Data Darbar attack, shook Lahore

Lahore is yet again attacked, this Thursday. This time the militants targeted devotees at the shrine of Hazrat Ali Hajveri, popularly known as Data Ganj Bakhsh, one of the earliest saints to introduce this land to Sufism and its spirit of brotherhood. It is tragic that the safety of devotees at the shrine of one revered, as Lahore’s protectors should be dependent today on the little security that administration provides in these times. The response that some came up with was no less disappointing. The most common reaction a day after the Data Darbar tragedy was, that these attackers cannot be  ‘one of us’. People, in a desperate attempt to disown the terrorists and their acts, were again eager to point fingers at anti-Pakistan, anti-Islam elements outside the country. A similar pattern of thought was reflected in the statements of some government officials as well. Their attitude does not stem from apathy, criminal negligence or incompetence. It is part of a deliberate policy. Perhaps there is a fear of the consequences involved in the identification of the terrorists. Surely it is part of a strategy which says that the only way we can survive is by pretending that we have no enemies at home.

Just how much data do we need to unearth the truth? Mounting evidence points to the monumental flaws in our theories of self-preservation. The clues to local involvement provided by terror incidents of the past aside, the attack on Data Darbar should leave no doubt in anyone’s mind just how expansive the designs of the terrorists are and how easy it is for them to find recruits in the vicinity of a planned strike anywhere in Pakistan. While details are coming in and ‘investigation is under way’, initial reports say one of the suicide bombers who blew himself up at Data Darbar belonged not to Waziristan nor to southern Punjab but to a suburb of Lahore. He apparently belonged to the Barki Hadiara area which makes him as much a Lahorite as the large number of people killed in the blast. His involvement is indicative of the expanse governments in the country themselves need to cover once they have decided to fight terrorism in earnest. The government action — call it operation or whatever — will have to go much beyond Waziristan or southern Punjab or any particular region. It will have to be a campaign that covers the entire country.

This attack on data darbar is not just an attack on a shrine but an attack on our history, culture and religious tradition; it is an attack on a place which is a home to thousands of homeless men and women. It is a shelter for many orphans, beggars, and poverty-stricken people of Lahore. Many invaders have come into the sub continent but no one has the valor to attack on these holy shrines of Lahore, but 1st time in the 800 years of data darbar,  terrorists attack the shrine of Hazrat Ali Hjaveri, the one referred to as ‘Wali Allah’.

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The US film that confronts the truth about Afghanistan

All this was given added piquancy when General Stanley McChrystal fell on his own sword in front of Barack Obama this week. I don’t like generals, but I had a smidgen of sympathy for this arrogant man. McChrystal’s contempt for the inept Richard Holbrooke – the “Afpak” envoy (what a yuk title) who hourly awaits his own dismissal – at least bears the merit of truth.

What was more instructive, however, was Obama’s behaviour. Every month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu heaps humiliation and insult upon the impotent and frightened Obama, who responds by clucking his tongue and then swearing further lifelong fidelity to Israel. But the moment his top man in Afghanistan tells a few home truths about his boss, Obama throws a hissy fit and fires him. McChrystal would obviously have done much better in the Israeli army.

Ironically, one of McChrystal’s last acts was to pull his men out of the Korangal Valley and close down OP Restrepo. Indeed, alJazeera’s reporter managed to enter the abandoned outpost a few days ago with a bunch of leering Taliban – who joyfully discovered that the Americans had left them plenty of spare ammo. So much for the sacrifice of the Second Platoon and the far greater suffering of the Afghan villagers whom they blasted away in the interests of the “war on terror”.Yet Restrepo the film was impressive. Not just because of the fear of the soldiers – and the spectacular real-life battle scenes – but because of the graphic, terrible moments in the bombed village. One little, pain-filled girl stares with such incomprehension at her tormentors that you know that we have lost the war in Afghanistan.

I have to say that no Russian camera crew ever filmed the innocent victims of Brezhnev’s mad adventure in Afghanistan. If we as an audience are invited to sympathise with American soldiers, the film doesn’t attempt to spare us the truth. No Russian cinemagoer ever saw their own country’s Afghan victims, the children maimed by Russian landmines, the families murdered at Russian checkpoints, the villagers cut down in air strikes by the MIGs.

Something of the same sentiment goes for another Edinburgh movie, The Oath, an overlong but carefully researched film about Salim Hamdan, Osama Bin Laden’s former driver and a long-time resident of Guantanamo, and his jihadist “friend” Abu Jandal (“Father of Death”). Here again, we suddenly see another side of brutal America: Hamdan’s US military defence council standing up in Sana’a before a sea of his client’s Yemeni relatives, outlining his case to free their man from Bush’s outrageous prison camp. The Arab questioners are polite and clearly respect the young American serviceman who has arrived in a dangerous city – for him, at least – to help one of bin Laden’s men.

How many Arab countries would appoint a government lawyer to defend an American held in an Arab prison – or talk to the American’s relatives in the United States? How many Arab countries would even debate the laws under which they imprison, torture and execute their prisoners? Did the Sana’a audience grasp this point? I think they did. Arabs know very well the corrupt and brutal nature of their dictators, just as they understand the folly of American power.
(by , Robert frisk)

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Is democracy the correct option for Pakistan?

In the context of the history, Pakistan came into being as a democratic state. Actually the reason for this democracy is the colonial rule on the sub-continent. In his early speech Quaid e Azam said that now each racial group is free to go there adoration places as they wish. There is no bigotry on the basis of religion, cast, color and creed. Quaid also announced for the rights of the minorities. In a famous interview when Quaid was asked: “Will Pakistan be a theocratic state?” Quaid replied: Pakistan will be a democratic state.

In my opinion, democracy is government for the people, by the people, it is having the right to voice ones opinion, but on the other hand we also see incidents when the government goes into the hands of those who do not deserve it.

The people of Pakistan are not educated, they have so many problems that they cannot rise above them to see the greater good of the country and work for it. In Pakistan we concentrate the power in the hands of a few feudal lords, huge business groups, who are simply not capable of ruling us or even understanding our problems for that matter.

Nowadays, in Pakistan as we are watching on the TV channels, the issue of “false-degrees.”  I cannot understand how these people are entitled to sit in the house to represent our country. The bogus way they in point of fact are using, is the ghastly sign on the mug of the democracy.

According to me, if they are in lieu of their self as the representatives of the common people, then they should be true to their job and not deceive the very people who are the reason behind them holding those positions, but they do not do that, as they are not our true representative but we still choose them and choose them again and again. For the incursion of democracy in  Pakistan, we exploit the legal way to become the bona fide democrats.

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