Is democracy the correct option for Pakistan?

In the context of the history, Pakistan came into being as a democratic state. Actually the reason for this democracy is the colonial rule on the sub-continent. In his early speech Quaid e Azam said that now each racial group is free to go there adoration places as they wish. There is no bigotry on the basis of religion, cast, color and creed. Quaid also announced for the rights of the minorities. In a famous interview when Quaid was asked: “Will Pakistan be a theocratic state?” Quaid replied: Pakistan will be a democratic state.

In my opinion, democracy is government for the people, by the people, it is having the right to voice ones opinion, but on the other hand we also see incidents when the government goes into the hands of those who do not deserve it.

The people of Pakistan are not educated, they have so many problems that they cannot rise above them to see the greater good of the country and work for it. In Pakistan we concentrate the power in the hands of a few feudal lords, huge business groups, who are simply not capable of ruling us or even understanding our problems for that matter.

Nowadays, in Pakistan as we are watching on the TV channels, the issue of “false-degrees.”  I cannot understand how these people are entitled to sit in the house to represent our country. The bogus way they in point of fact are using, is the ghastly sign on the mug of the democracy.

According to me, if they are in lieu of their self as the representatives of the common people, then they should be true to their job and not deceive the very people who are the reason behind them holding those positions, but they do not do that, as they are not our true representative but we still choose them and choose them again and again. For the incursion of democracy in  Pakistan, we exploit the legal way to become the bona fide democrats.

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3 Responses to Is democracy the correct option for Pakistan?

  1. faizan elahi says:

    these logics are well on there side but my point of the democracy flourish only in the upper region of the world, the cold side of the world. those people can can admit there mistakes , they get lesson from there past but we does not, that why only dictatorship is suitable for this Pak land. i respect the democracy in the Europe and other parts of the world. they actually exercise th e democracy. Even in england the do not have there constitution in written form, but they exercise there rules and regulation in a proper way. they actually give the importance to the rule of law. there is nothing above the law, and no one is beyond the law. justice for every one, even a person happened to be a president or prime minister or chief of the staff. so thats why they are success and developed. so what if we have the social norms, we are unable to fil the need these norms.

  2. Khan Muhammad Jaffar Khan says:

    I think in Pakistan there should be no democracy, because we dont deserve it. The People of this region from the past hundreds of years have been ruled by Kings, or Emperiors. People of these region need to be ruled not elect people to run this country. No where in the world asks politicans for degrees to run for elections . so why are we. and degree issue is just away to divert peoples attentions.

  3. Umaimah Maryam says:

    I believe if we never gave the people an option to voice their opinion, we now should.
    We should stop making it an excuse that they do not choose the right people and so they do not deserve it.
    We should let them choose, and let the government finish its tenure, so they actually know whats right for them,where they made a mistake.
    Our people are fickle because we do not tell them the truth and do not let them understand the situation, once we do that we will see the positive results as well.

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